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Furniture + Details

Display Unit

Project:  True Religion

Descriptions:  Wooden display table & boxes,

                          wall display unit

Display Cabinet 

Project:  Thomas Pink


Descriptions:  Classic wooden display unit with

                          metal framing

Classic Furniture

Project: Thomas Pink


Descriptions: Accurate scale and proportion

                        classic wooden cabinet

Stainless Steel
Hanging Unit

Project:  Thomas Pink

Descriptions:  Stainless steel display unit 

Island Display Stand
& Sitting Stool

Project:  Ja'moire


Descriptions: A set of  custom-made wooden

                        display stand with sitting stool

Display Cabinet

Project: Fossil


Descriptions: Combine open and closed wooden                          storage, also with display feature 

AMC Salon Cabinet

Descriptions: Wooden cabinet

Display Unit

Project:  HOM


Descriptions: Functional display unit

Free Standing Display

Project:  HOM

Descriptions:  2 -way display unit with

                         luminous feature

Free Standing Display Unit

Project: Che Che Fantasy

Descriptions:  Free form  display unit


Project: Central Church


Descriptions: Wooden pantry

Kitchen Combination

Project:  Primrose court


Descriptions:  Custom-made kitchen cabinet with

                          worktop and all accessories.

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